Greetings Church Family.

I am sure you are aware that the world is responding to the spread of the Coronavirus with great caution and concern. Like all illnesses and the potential of spreading viruses, people should take precautionary measures. That is the safe and smart thing to do. Though the Coronavirus is unusual and unique, Christians still can maintain a biblical perspective, even in this time that seems complex.

We live in a world that is tainted by sin, and because of this truth, humanity experiences sickness, disease, and even death. Though these are difficult, it gives believers great opportunities to trust in their heavenly Father and opens the door for gospel proclamation. God, amid sickness, can bring about good. Many people can look back at trying times in their life and see God’s hand as He drew them closer to Him by learning to trust in and lean on Him. God is ACTIVE and SUPREME in all things and above all things. In this time, let’s focus on rejoicing in the Lord always and don’t be anxious about anything, but in everything pray, give thanks, and let your request be made known to the Lord (Phil 4:6).

As we pray, trust in the Lord, and in taking precautionary measures, this Sunday, March 15, we will conduct ONLY our Worship Service at 10:45 am.

Attending our Worship Service ONLY means that there will be no Breakfast Fellowship or Sunday Morning Bible Study groups. Also, all Wednesday evening activities for the 3/18/20 will be canceled as well. Canceling these Wednesday activities out of precaution is taking into consideration all of our local school districts that affect our children and youth who are extending Spring Breaks through 3/20/20.

Please, if you are sick or have symptoms of an illness, stay home and take care of yourself as also you are being considerate of others. 

I want to communicate that not offering both our Breakfast Fellowship and Sunday Morning Bible Study groups is not haphazard. I am asking you to use this time to find yourself in the private and intimate setting of your homes to spend time in prayer with God for our world, country, state, cities, and our communities. Pray that in this time, God would be praised and glorified above all things. He is worthy of our praise!

Our church leadership will reevaluate weekly.

For His Kingdom and His Glory,